Sunset Overdrive Review

There is only one metaphor that can accurately describe the game Sunset Overdrive. Let’s imagine this picture: you are about 5-6 years old and your parents leave you with friends on a huge playground. What will happen next? That’s right: a huge bunch of kids who are madly yelling, jumping up stairs, horizontal bars, slides, and sticks that were brought from the bushes are immediately declared to be swords. At the same time, events begin to take place with references to various films: transformers against ninja turtles – and why not ?! Well, after a while, everyone soon goes home: exhausted, satisfied and stupefied.

Sunset Overdrive will tell you not only about these childhood feelings. In one interview with an employee of the Sunset Overdrive studio, it was said that the game will collect all the experience over the past twenty-five years, but it seems to us that everything looks much larger – here you will see a huge childhood experience, youth and just a sea of ​​the craziest deeds. In other matters, you could already understand this judging by the silly videos and screenshots.

Perhaps the game Sunset Overdrive is the most violent farce of recent years. The protagonist or the heroine jumps to punk rock around the city, which in turn is literally crammed with jumping, shooting and exploding details. By cars you can jump, and on the rails and railings you can ride. It’s not very safe to stay here on the ground – they can gobble up, so your every skirmish will soon turn into just a crazy run, so the cooler your tricks are, the naturally better. The level system here is more like some kind of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

In the game, upon reaching a specific mark on a special scale, bonuses are activated, the so-called “title overdrives”, which will turn your battles into a real total mess. And when these battles collide: the main character, a horde of mutants, local bandits and mechanical robots – then it all resembles a global war, and such skirmishes are quite a frequent occurrence.

Sunset Overdrive even has a couple of relatives. Among them are such celebrities as Borderlands, Bulletstorm, Saints Row and even InFamous. But the difference between this game and all the others is that it is fair. Here you are not waiting for some tragic events, the betrayal of best friends, some cool plot twists and even deep moral choices. If the game Bulletstorm was the evil General Serrano, and in Infamous the complete oppression of people with super powers – then here you will simply meet bright trash and sunburn.

The most interesting thing is that the game generally has the very minimum of reflection: an introductory video that somehow explains exactly how the city of Sunset was infected. From this infection, people instantly begin to get angry, covered with large bubbles, and soon they completely lose their minds along with humanity. As a result, we get an evil and bloodthirsty corpse-eater. Everything that is indicated about energy and corporations is just such a color that will allow you to distinguish between friends and enemies so that there are no unnecessary questions.

Although the moral of Sunset Overdrive is most likely black and white, inside it is more cheerful, bright and festive. Although it looks more like a cheerful madhouse, which cannot be explained in any other way, you can only say that you find yourself in your own personal Disneyland.

And the most important thing is that in the game Sunset Overdrive you will not find easy or difficult tasks. Everything in moderation and with another degree of stupidity. For the failure of the task, you just have to get away with another bright massacre, and if you still have partners with you, then you won’t have to wipe the snot from the blows every time.


Toward the end of the game, Sunset Overdrive starts to get a little tiring, as being in full holiday mode starts to get annoying, but that’s not a minus either. After all, each game has its own limit and no matter what it is – popular or not. But in Sunset Overdrive you will feel this limit towards the end, and after that you leave as from the same playground: satisfied and stupefied.

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