Tangled Nightmare – Neverending Nightmares Horror Review

Waking up, Thomas leaves his bedroom and finds himself in a creepy, and even a couple of even disgusting, huge mansion. Dolls with dead, black eyes, knives and other horrors of children’s fantasies are scattered around the rooms. In one of the rooms, a man finds his own corpse, and in the attic the lifeless corpse of a hanged girl. But is this reality? And if this is really a dream, then when he wakes up, what will he see?

Neverending Nightmares is a 2D horror game developed by Infinitap Games and I won’t hide it – slightly overpriced (although you can get it at a discount). So, the essence of this incredibly tangled and “meaty” horror lies in the fact that the players should wander in the “skin” of the protagonist through a sick mind, which will gradually literally draw the most terrible pictures and events.

In fact, it is difficult to evaluate the game and decide whether to buy, play and play it. For example, in the pictures, to be honest, the game does not really stand out and even slightly discourages the desire to play, although in reality everything is quite the opposite. So when you launch “Endless Nightmares” (literal translation of the name of the game), you plunge into history with your head. Although the game itself is very short (on average, the passage lasts no more than 5 hours), nevertheless, any curious person will want to fully reveal the plot, collect all the achievements and, in the end, understand what is really happening and whether the reality all this?

Unknown end of story

Starting to play a game, two feelings arise at once: the first is “wow”, the second is “somewhere I have already seen this.” Neverending Nightmares evokes a second feeling, as anyone who has previously played Knock Knock will experience a sense of déjà vu. The plot is both simple and intriguing, because the main character named Thomas wakes up in his empty house, where in the future he will wake up more than once and will meet far from the first demon of his fears.

The bottom line is that Thomas must either overcome his inner fears (demons), or give up and die. Although even the word “perish” is not a good word, rather Thomas runs the risk of getting stuck in the “web” of his nightmares, and they make him worry day after day, showing the horrors of a man’s actions.

In fact, the script for Never Ending Nightmares leaves a lot of questions and that is why it is not robust enough. However, this is not surprising, because the head of the studio Infinitap Games (Matt Gilgenbach) himself experienced something similar, so the constant struggle with depression and obsessive-compulsive syndrome is only a part of the author’s life.

Simply put, the game is so sad, dull (in a good way for the game) and sad that any player who gets to the end and all the endings (and there are three of them in total) will face a small sad shock or a deep emotional explosion. But the problem is that the plot is too confusing and in fact not everyone will be able to understand its full depth, although on the surface everything will be extremely clear. And even if we discard the great depth of the story, the plot still leaves behind questions that can only be answered by the scriptwriter himself.

In Neverending Nightmares, the authors did not hesitate to quote the Bible and interfere with reality together with sleep. And intertwining with the plot, a lot of questions may remain. The intricacy of the plot can only be compared with the “tangle” that was in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

So the main problem with Neverending Nightmares is that it doesn’t have a coherent storyline. No background in the form of videos or notes (which at least somehow could tell about what happened). And this is not to mention three possible endings, each of which gives its own interpretation of the end, or one single one? If you believe the words of the author, then there is only one end. And here again we are faced with questions. With unanswered questions …

Another problem with the plot is that it is not so easy to get the desired ending, because sometimes you have to go through the game to the middle, and then turn into strictly defined doors, and then into some, etc. At the same time, it would seem that the endings should bring them closer to understanding the plot, but no. Questions remain, which means that they will have to be thought out. It is not clear whether the adult Thomas is exactly or whether he is a child. It is not known what side of Gabrielle’s attitude to the man – wife, daughter, sister, or is she the attending physician? What binds these people in general: family ties, long therapy sessions, suicide, accident, murder or suicide? The players will have to figure out the plot, so for $ 19 on “Steam” you can load your brain heavily and not get intelligible answers.

Game process

The gameplay of Neverending Nightmares is much better than that of Knock Knock. The game features several levels and the goal in each is as simple as possible: you need to get to the key point in order to plunge into new nightmares. From time to time you come across all sorts of “scrimmers” like a crashed crow or a ghost. And the control allows you to play with only one hand and it is not difficult in which case you cover your mouth for a yawn.

All the necessary plot items will come across as you progress through the game. There will be no riddles. Everything is as simple as possible. So, for example, if you wandered into a dark room, then go forward a little and take a candle to light your way. By the way, you cannot skip the plot items for the reason that they look colored, so it is not so difficult to notice them on a black and white background.

And in general, during the game, something like a task appears only once, because you need to find a candle in order to go down to a dark basement for an ax and cut the boards that closed the desired door. For the rest, you will have to simply wander from door to door for 4 hours, open the tenth doors and watch how strange monsters are chasing the main characters around the mansion or the psychiatric hospital, which serve as references to the actions and life of Thomas. By the way, you won’t be able to run too much, because the main character suffers from severe shortness of breath, so after just running a couple of meters, he suddenly begins to choke.

Thomas is visited by a variety of nightmares: from ordinary killer dolls to overgrown babies. However, the goal of each opponent is the same – to kill Thomas. And they do it in an original, creepy and disgusting way. For example, someone can crush the main character with their “hugs”, and someone can turn the guy’s guts out. At the beginning, any such “meaty” iteration will literally turn you out, however, towards the end, having seen everything a dozen times already, you look at it completely calmly. And not because you are supposedly mentally unhealthy – no. When you first see how a person is hacked, you want to close your eyes, but for the tenth time you catch yourself thinking that this has already happened and you could have come up with something better.

Graphics and sound

To say that the graphics of Neverending Nightmares shocked or looks gorgeous is impossible. It is simply pleasant as the original black and white color and the constant play of light and shadow create the atmosphere. The game looks simple and interesting. Any doll, monster or even a corpse – everything looks both creepy and gloomy. This, by the way, is the whole essence of the atmosphere. The plot and style do their job.

Also, the work done with the sound cannot be noted, because this is another detail that is incredibly frightening and creates an unforgettable feeling of fear. Most importantly, every detail in the game is a reference to some part of Thomas’s life. Any heard screams, screams, tears, mysterious whispers not only enhance the atmosphere of an imaginary nightmare, but also have their own meaning.


Neverending Nightmares is not a bad horror story, the moments of which, in couple, evoke a feeling of disgust rather than fear. The game is as good as a psychoanalyst to talk about Thomas’s problems. Excellent hand-drawn graphics, incredibly oppressive atmosphere and incredibly intricate storyline gives a relatively average result. Why average? The storyline turned out to be without beginning or end. An incomprehensible explanation will not make it clear to the player what is actually happening, and even more so it will not make it possible to understand where reality is and where is just a dream. The project of the Infinitap Games studio is unusual, but for that with a soul. Neverending Nightmares is exactly the kind of game where the events and the ending are amazing, but if you understand them. But if the plot and endings do not understand, if you do not delve into the storyline with your head, carefully examining all the details of the mansion and what is happening, then the game will not be able to tell anything interesting. And this is its biggest disadvantage, because Neverending Nightmares rests on an incomprehensible plot, which leaves some kind of incomprehensible sad aftertaste on the soul, but also haunts, because questions remain. You will not be able to die in the game, you will only be able to wake up. And if this happens every time after death, then where is the reality?

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