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Even before the release of The Crew, it looked like a very interesting game in 2014 – here you were already provided with huge territories of the United States as a game world, here you meet dozens of large and famous cities, a very criminal storyline and it is worth noting a powerful social detail of the game … The creators of Test Drive Unlimited are proud to present their new game The Crew as the first true online car game. But as usual with Ubisoft’s debuts (just look at the autumn release of Watch Dogs), the first attempt, as always, turned out to be not very successful, so this cannot be called a full-fledged game. Instead of the original blockbuster racing game, the players got a “torn apart” and a couple of unfinished projects. In the game, almost every detail (from the silly storyline to the multiplayer) works incorrectly or does not work at all. If it were not for the amazing scenery of the United States, then the game could simply be given a fat cross. In the end, it turned out that riding in The Crew is much more enjoyable than going through it at all.

Despite all the efforts in technical terms, the game looks like a project of the last generation, although you can arrange a couple of excursions here. Each of your trips will be fraught with some surprises: for example, on your first ride you will stumble upon a huge cow statue in North Dakota, and on your second trip – to a ghost village in the southern United States. In general, as in the case of Assassin’s Creed, the game constantly pulls you to go to Wikipedia and view all the historical places, of which, as always, there are many in the game. In addition, you can even find out about such details as, for example, the Great Las Vegas looks like in the morning, or really Manhattan constantly suffers from traffic jams, and whether it is so that in San Francisco all people ride only on trams. And the scale of the game itself is simply impressive: traveling from one end of the country to the other will take you about an hour.

The main problem lies much deeper than it might seem – the developers themselves simply did not understand how to properly use such game scales in the game. Instead of, for example, creating a race across the country, they just created another standard game universe, with standard indicators. With a very common criminal plot, the game is connected only by a couple of circuit races, but no more.

Of course, the sheer scale of The Crew does nothing to help it become as big as the recently released Destiny or the hugely popular World of Warcraft. Everything went only to the detriment of the game. The game map is so large that the racers are constantly getting lost and scattered around the map – as a result, you won’t find them. Therefore, the wait in the races lasts a couple of 10 to 20 minutes, and the new problem is not only due to the poor quality of the online code (with which there are also a number of problems in the game), but because the players do not want to go from one end of the edge to the other, just to pass a couple of circular races. Here the game probably looks more like an online game, because a pair of collecting players in some raid takes much more than the passage of any dungeon itself.

Due to the fact that the developers did not want to support the players, for the fight between each other – the game looks like a dull and dead – in general, a complete offline, in which you rarely even meet a player passing by. All the already deplorable situation could be saved by regular special updates for the online mode, where there would be both short and larger races. But no, you will only be offered a PVP mode in which there will be a fight between people (the most common ring races), so this cannot bring any special pleasure. What can I say about the PVP mode, if there is not even smart selection here – they just throw you anywhere, so usually your opponents will be multi-level players who will have supercars. As a result, it is very difficult for newcomers to the game, since they do not give any chances for a normal existence.

And that’s not all of the listed problems in the game. The Crew also has a number of technical problems with the server. At the start of the game, a number of problems immediately appeared. On the very first day, the servers could not cope with the influx of players and simply went out for a whole day. A little later, the studio Ubisoft admitted that because of this, some of the players stopped working their save. At the moment the problems have been solved, but the start of the game can hardly be called “successful”.

The final nail in the problems was the disgusting interface. As a couple, you may not even find the elementary: how to leave the team and how to bring together the right people. the PC version of the game is still more serious – as it happens in Ubisoft games, the developers did not even try to adapt the games menu for keyboards.

There are also problems in other elements of the game – for a game where there are as many as 12 huge cities, there are too few different tracks, tasks and other things. The game is not even saved by arrivals from one city to another, but all because of the very “oak” model of the car’s behavior. The last remark is extremely surprising in that the famous guys from The Reflections took part in the development of The Crew, because they ate the dog in the cars. Still, all machines behave like logs.

A very interesting car park is somehow still trying to pull the game out of a deep hole, where you can find such car models as Ford Focus or Chevrolet Camaro, and there are even rarer types of cars, for example, Saleen S7 and LeFerrari. I was pleased with the tuning system, where you can not only improve the running parts of the car, but also radically change its design in general. In general, again, despite the bright statements of the game developers, there will be no significant changes when installing a new car upgrade. Each improvement is primarily aimed at driving comfort.


Having a very attractive concept with it, The Crew is very frustrating for the entire gaming audience. If we consider it as an online race, then it is very confused, and if as a single player, it has a very simple plot and a terrible model of transport behavior. The only real merit is the size of the universe, but as far as interest is concerned, this is not enough. But what can I say, if the studio Ubisoft rarely new games are interesting. If they are brave enough not to abandon this game after the first part, then the next part will probably be something better.

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