The Evil Within Review

This month, with a difference of only a week, two sensational horror films were released – Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within. The two games began to be compared well before release, and The Evil Within was the clear winner. The “zest” of the Alien: Isolation game was a rather strange idea – to keep the players in fear with only one single Alien, so the lack of experience among the developers had a little effect here, because the Creative Assembly studio specialized more in strategies.

As for The Evil Within, the game does not build up, it immediately throws the main character into the thick of things. In an incomprehensible country, a division of detectives goes to the scene – a psychiatric hospital. After a couple of minutes, it becomes clear that there has been a massacre. And now, after a few hours, the partners of the protagonist disappeared mysteriously, and a huge psycho is already running behind him, who just wants to saw him with a chainsaw. Around the hospital, the city is literally falling apart, as if Alma from the game FEAR has come here. Our heroes start to flee the city, after which they get into an accident, where the complete Resident Evil 4 begins.

For those who are not familiar with the basic mechanics of the game, we will explain the basics to you. Every time you are literally shoved into the most dangerous and gloomy levels, where there are many traps, tenacious enemies and you are deliberately made extremely clumsy and slow. Fights take place literally three or four meters away, so it’s best to shoot straight at the head, although it’s hard to hit even from a short distance. From time to time, various terrible Bosses will appear, which are either difficult to kill or impossible at all, so you have to run with your tail between your legs. Standard moments also occur from time to time, for example, a corpse will fall out of a locker, etc.

The similarity of the new game with Resident Evil 4 is not only in one mechanic. The Evil Within game repeats the fourth part with literally every cell of your body. Similar graphics, physics, combat system, even a set of weapons is almost the same. Similar system of improvements, setting: gloomy villages with the wildest local population, after which one gets the feeling that you are in 19th century Romania. The level sets are also somewhat similar: autumn forests, villages, churches (although there was a monastery in Resident Evil 4, they look a little similar), dungeons (in Resident Evil 4 they were mines) and of course – laboratories (where without them? ). The enemies are just as similar – there are simple villagers, and big men with their chainsaws, and, as always, Bosses are overgrown morons. But what can I say if the doors open according to the same principle: quietly with a hand or knock out with a whistle with a foot. The idea with crows even took root here: if you shot them, then they leave useful items behind. Although it will be even more fun that there is a similarity in the names of the game: Resident Evil – “Resident Evil” and The Evil Within – “In the power of evil”, it’s amazing, right?

Due to too much similarity with the game, you begin to understand that this game is just a pale copy of Resident Evil 4, where they couldn’t even offer anything new.

Absolutely anyone who has played Silent Hill or Resident Evil will immediately remember that he has gone through this many times already: all these traps, various puzzles, even Bosses with their dirty and slimy corridors. The protagonist came out too stereotypical (his tired voice, tattered raincoat, stubble, difficult past, a few hints of alcoholism), that the name, at best, is remembered closer to the fourth level. And by the way, his name is Spanish – another similarity with the game Resident Evil 4.

But to be honest, this is his worse similar copy. The developers themselves apparently could not decide whether to complete the game in the style of action or stealth, after which they apparently decided to blind everything together. You can kill enemies quietly and silently, as well as hide in closets and under beds. But this is inappropriate as a couple, since in the most dangerous situations you have to fight, and there is no point in hiding from less weak opponents.

Of course, the action that was developed in the game is acceptable, but again, it is much worse than what was in Resident Evil 4. The detective constantly runs slowly and just clumsily, and sometimes stupidly and awkwardly hits, and in general, his whole drawing movements are not too beautiful, as if it were a nine-year-old game. Remember only Leon Kennedy – he was the very embodiment of steepness. He ran very springy, deftly kicked with his foot and simply effectively jumped from a height. But the protagonist of The Evil Within gave the impression of an ordinary swollen forty-five-year-old man, who also has problems in the lumbar region and completely tarred lungs. He fights too badly and starts to choke on long runs. And he can’t even knock out doors as awesome as the same Leon!

As for the graphic component, the difference with the recently completed Alien: Isolation is most likely generational. Although the characters look too bad in Alien: Isolation, the game has a complete nextgen. But The Evil Within looks more like a game seven years ago. There is nothing to remind you that we have a new generation of consoles on sale for a whole year.


Everyone probably thought that The Evil Within was too bad. It’s not, it’s probably too uncommon. Of course, you will get a dose of pleasure from it, but you will not discover anything new for yourself. But in Alien: Isolation it is clear that the game was developed with all my heart and with love in the end. But here everyone apparently worked as if they were churning out something like this every time: “Need an action horror? Let’s make you an action horror.” Now get and sign: the standard main character, standard levels, the most common story about laboratory-medical research. Shinji Mikami tried to awaken in the players the old feelings for horror, so you need to give him credit, because he still managed to recreate the classic version, so to speak, “shaken the old days.”

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