The long-awaited “Herondondon” – Need for Speed ​​2015 Race Review

Need for Speed ​​2015 is a long-awaited sequel to the famous series, albeit without the usual “Underground” postscript. In general, the first few parts with the postscript “Underground” entered the gaming industry as the coolest, brightest and most exciting races. The success of the series can only be compared with the success of the movie “Fast and the Furious” or “Gone in 60 Seconds”. The unique romance of night racing was able to lure not only those racing lovers, but also ordinary, “zero” gamers in this genre.

But time passed and the Need for Speed ​​series was already safely buried. Nevertheless, the franchise did not even think of dying, so from the daring and disastrous Need for Speed: Rivals, it transformed into Need for Speed ​​2015. And yet, it should be noted how, at a certain period of time, towards Electronic Arts literally “ “reproaches poured down, because from all the beloved series, favorite attributes disappeared: street and illegal races, detailed tuning, the atmosphere of nightlife and, in general, the essence of real” street racing “. Simply put: they spat in the direction of the gamers and smeared them with their hand on the face.

But soon the Swedish studio Ghost Games took up the work on the new part, which not only satisfied all the requirements of gamers, but also pleased with something new. Dear friends, this is a review of the Need for Speed ​​2015 game on the large gaming portal and now you will find out what awaits you in the long-awaited continuation of the series!

New plot presentation

My first concerns with Need for Speed ​​2015 were about the storyline. Nevertheless, contrary to my fears, the plot in the game turned out to be quite usable. Of course, one cannot say that the plot has a fascinating story or it is unpredictable, but nevertheless, it is engaging with its narration, its live actors (in the literal sense) and plot inserts. By the way: that part of gamers who swear at “oak” and without emotional heroes will be pleased with the characters in the new part.

Otherwise, everything is simple, because the player is a typical “street racer” who loves night races and builds his career as a kind of bully-racer. The main character collects cars after successful races, makes new friends (including desperate racers) and, of course, enemies.

If you look at the picture of what is happening, in general, everything looks interesting. And if the friends of the protagonist hadn’t been chatting for hours on the phone, there would have been no price for them, since the constant calls and conversations over time begin to annoy.

In general, I would not want to stray far from the theme of the plot and living characters, since this is very new and I want to tell more about it all. Indeed, sometimes it is not the plot itself that is important, but its presentation. So here Electronic Arts has tried its best, because even with Russian dubbing in the game, everything is just at its best. Most of the cinematic scenes take place in a bar, garage or even some nightclub, so there will be no “sharp” turns (like taking hostages or a shootout) here. Anyway, looking at these scenes, you get the feeling that you are watching the first parts of Fast and the Furious.

The submitted videos create a pleasant atmosphere of garage get-togethers + friendly communication. Perhaps this is all that is needed for a game like this, where everything is built around tuning and night races / chases. And you know, that’s just fine. Undoubtedly, absolutely every fan of the series (that old series) will be pleased with this. In any case, the scenario of the game cannot be called “breakthrough”, but it is he who will motivate you to move on.

Upgrade your car

Another nice thing about Need for Speed ​​2015 is the tuning. Finally, the fans waited for the moment when the tuning was done not just good – great. In your garage, you will probably now be able to catch yourself thinking that it has been a long time since you “hung out” in the garage, choosing a more suitable color or something like that.

Moreover, a lot of time can be lost not only by adjusting the appearance of the car, but also by understanding its internal details, for example, in setting up the chassis. It should be noted that adjusting any characteristics to suit your style of play is quite simple and not difficult. And if you take into account the fact that there are several types of competition, you will have to spend time in the garage quite often.

Need for Speed ​​2015 has a ton of systems to bathe and improve. Something will open to you as you level up your reputation (aka experience), and something for the passage of the storyline.

By the way, there may be several parts of the same level. Basically, the choice of every detail rests on what style of riding you prefer. Tuning is simply rich and wide, so absolutely any car can be customized to suit your driving style. In the process of “upgrading” the car even takes into account such details as changing the sound of the engine after installing a brand new turbocharger. Do you want your car to squeeze less to the side of the road? You are welcome! Want to make it easier to skid? Easy!

In general, you can customize absolutely everything. By the way, even nitro can be adjusted, for example, it can either be used longer, or it will be more powerful. Naturally, any setting has its own special effect on control, so you will have to experiment a lot with the intricacies of auto settings.

I would like to note that customizing the behavior of the car is another right step towards the game. Since, for example, playing the same “Underground”, many players experienced problems, for example, with drifts. Now you can set up and adjust everything without discomfort.

The visual enhancements have a lot of depth too, so in Need for Speed ​​2015 you waste a lot of time looking at every new detail: bumpers, headlights, spoilers, skirts, hoods and much more. Tuning, in general, is good, but if you plunge more into the visual part, then there are two drawbacks. The first disadvantage is the lack of wider visual tuning models (this, for example, applies to headlights, which can be replaced extremely rarely). The second minus is most of the high-quality and interesting visual details of the car, most of which can only be opened at a high level.

But in fairness, it should be noted that, for example, there are also a lot of disks. The paint system and the system of applying patterns, logos and drawings (and that’s not all) are as rich as the rest of the tuning parts. Now you can create real masterpieces from a car. Once again, I will say that tuning in Need for Speed ​​2015 is “rich”, so any car will be unique and unrepeatable. In addition, the game even has a full-fledged alphabet, and Russian, where nothing prevents you from writing something like: “This is AK, AK47” or “I’m a racer at my mother’s.”

Another beauty of the game is that now the purchase of any car is available immediately and you don’t have to open them when going through some key races. And in general, you can complete the game on absolutely one machine, since you can simply improve it and change the “stuffing”, thereby adjusting it to any upcoming competition.

Lively and beautiful town

The city in Need for Speed ​​2015 is never empty. Who’s not here: cops, other racers, and just plain yawns. Racers can either help or shit. Couple, you notice a pleasant picture in front of you, like an unfamiliar racer running away from the local police. From such unexpected events, there is and does not leave the feeling that the city of “Ventura Bay” (this is exactly what it is called) is alive and that the long-awaited nightlife is boiling in it!

By the way, the “catch-up” with the cops has not changed. They have not become more complex or varied. It’s just as easy to get away from the next cops. On the other hand, though, this part of the game with violations and chases has become too simple. The cops in Need for Speed ​​2015 have become too passive. And to such an extent that sometimes it takes half an hour to find them. The point is that the new system generates meetings with cops in a random way, so meetings are left to chance. Even in the same Most Wanted, the cops themselves found you and chased you like dire wolves, but now everything looks different and more simplified. In addition, in the new part, the existing cops do not have any “goodies” with them, such as jammers and EMP strikes, which disable the entire car.

As for the appearance of the city, however, as well as the games – it is excellent. The graphics in Need for Speed ​​2015 are generally excellent. Drops on a wet windshield flow down smoothly and concisely. Lighting nicely warms the color of the car, and at some moments it is generally difficult to distinguish the game from reality. Since the game has a change of day and night, the city is not that attractive during the day. But they do not enter Need for Speed ​​2015 for the sake of the city – for the sake of cars, so you can close your eyes to all the disadvantages of Ventura Bay, including monotony.

The only thing that let us down on city trips was music. Yes, there are really cool tracks, but most of them are not driving. In fact, I started listening to the music from the game long before the release, because I wanted to evaluate it as soon as possible. As a result, I was a little upset, because the music compositions of Need for Speed ​​2015 do not reach the level of the previous parts. However, there is nothing negative to say, since the new music will not “cut one’s ears”, and the atmosphere will not be spoiled by screams.

It will be fun with a friend

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about the multiplayer, which was a little disappointing. I note that in Need for Speed ​​2015, as in Need for Speed: Rivals, everything will happen online. This means that other players will rush around you. For example, someone with a tail of policemen can break out to meet you exactly at the very moment when you go through a race along the storyline. Competitions will take place all together, although it is also possible to arrange something like PvP between you and the players. The role of police officers will not be assigned to anyone, so the sharpness from the previous part could not migrate here.

However, no one bothers you to drive around the world with your friends, show off your cars and organize all kinds of competitions. In general, the same multiplayer system has its drawback, since some players still wanted the multiplayer to have its own full-fledged lobby, where full-fledged races and their own “chips” would be highlighted. If you look at this action from a different angle, then you can understand the developers, because they tried to make the world of Need for Speed ​​2015 more alive. Perhaps it’s all about the lack of drive, danger and sharpness, which the cops could easily arrange if they were at least a little more active.


The very careful creation of Need for Speed ​​2015 brought it back to reality: night city, deep tuning system, appropriate atmosphere, great graphics and neat storyline. This is exactly what is required in order for every fan to scream convulsively with joy and throw a couple of dozen bucks on the screen. And yet, unfortunately, Ghost Games did not manage to surpass the original, but this is a really worthy sequel, because with any new part of any game, you have to abandon something old and accept something new.

Either way, Need for Speed ​​2015 is a prime example that the series isn’t about to die. Soon there will be free add-ons that promise to fix all the disadvantages of the game and make it a real “cherry”. If you were missing the illegal night racing, deep tuning and you just missed the “Underground”, then Need for Speed ​​2015 is what you need!

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