The Order: 1886 Review

When you want to watch a movie, you start to gradually follow the actors, directors, even a couple you start to follow every news and naturally you revise every trailer released. Soon the long-awaited moment comes and you go to the cinema, where you buy yourself a bucket of popcorn, cola and sit down as you like, after which the long-awaited movie screening begins. As often happens, after two hours of watching, you get up and realize that everything turned out to be not as interesting as in the trailers and news. As a result, the viewer remains a fool.

A similar situation happened with the recently released and completed game The Order: 1886. The game takes place in a steampunk version of Victorian London. The place turns out to be not the most friendly: people are devoured, killed, the rebels run and, in addition to everything, clawed creatures roam the city. Yes, werewolves are now threatening the townspeople. But the situation is not so lost, since all this is watched and fought by the brave Knights of the Round Table. He is also the Order, which was founded a long time ago by the well-known King Arthur.

As it turned out a little later, all these brave people – girls and men, drink some Black Water to the fullest, which not only heals all their wounds, but also gives immunity from ordinary human death.

The players play the role of Sir Galahad – a knight who is part of the retinue of the late King Arthur, and he fights not only with werewolves, but also with the rebels. As expected, each knight belongs to a certain detachment, therefore a certain Sir Percival commanded the detachment of Galahad. Percival himself feels that something global is going on around him, so Galahad courageously pursues the thoughts of his commander and simultaneously unravels the tangle of intrigues, mysteries, secrets and other heresies. At the same time, on his way, he comes across both rebels and werewolves, whom he either fries or stuffs with lead.

Sadly, no matter how hard the scriptwriters of the game tried, they failed to create an incredible and intriguing plot, so everything collapsed. The further development of the plot is not entirely difficult to guess, each character tries to show himself, but nothing comes of these “jolts”. And you know, it’s not just about the script and the actors. In The Order: 1886, the intrigue comes closer to the middle, but as soon as the impression is created that not everything is so lost, the game simply ends and you see the credits on the screen.

Walking around Victorian London, you don’t feel anything like that, everything is so sluggish, boring and dull. Each time, the heroes simply walk along the corridors, while rarely engaging in shootouts with the rebels, and even more so with werewolves. In a couple, the following picture occurs: Galahad walks the path of real minutes along the lane, a poorly composed and staged video takes place, after which the hero again runs along the lane for five minutes.

As for the game mechanics of The Order: 1886, this is such a mixture of shootouts, different episodes where the main character constantly sneaks behind the backs of his opponents (who do not differ in intelligence) and, of course, QTE battles with werewolves.

Although in the game you can run from one corner to another, the brave hero will not be able to do this accurately. To all this absurdity, it also adds its “salt” a sight through which everything looks in a blurry image, as if the hero’s clumsiness is not enough. For that, the game has a good arsenal of weapons and devices, which were presented to them by Nikolai Tesla himself.

At the same time, Galahad can carry with him two types of weapons, as well as a fragmentation and smoke grenade. Tesla, by the way, also tried here, since brave knights are not supposed to fight evil with simple firearms. There is a very interesting gun that charges the carcasses of opponents with electric lines, while the gun does not lose its effectiveness even when firing from the hip. It is also worth noting a cannon with a thermo-mixture, which literally roasts its enemies.

If Galahad was seriously wounded, then he will gladly swallow Black Water in order to return to the battle as soon as possible. By killing opponents, you will replenish the hero’s scale, which, when fully filled, can dramatically increase the reaction of the protagonist. In general, everything around just slows down and weapons are automatically aimed at enemies.

Yes, you can’t argue with the fact that the game is beautiful. The Order: 1886 technology can easily compete with a number of certain games. Particles, detailing, lighting and animation were all done to a high standard. In this regard, the game paid off, the players got what they wanted, but still there are jambs, even the banal reflection of the heroes in the mirrors. Then the thought immediately appears – if these knights are fighting werewolves, then maybe these are vampires, and Black Water is just an analogue of blood?


The Order: 1886 is a good atmosphere of Victorian London, constant corridor traffic and shootouts, good graphics, an obvious plot, little individual characters, QTE scenes combined with a couple of bad cutscenes and a ridiculous ending of the game. Oh, yes, let’s not forget about its duration – an indecently short game. Just a candy in a beautiful piece of paper and with dark chocolate inside.

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