The Sims 4 Review

The presentation of The Sims every time follows the same principle – Rachel Franklin (who is also the executive producer of the game) runs out onto the scene and for a very long time and cleverly tells everyone what unpredictable and peculiar Sims they have that are not alike at all. But in reality, all the new “Sims” are very boring and have not changed a bit.

The proof is the “bed test”: the speed at which these unique “sims” jump into bed before you are just as fast as past games. As always, it’s enough for you that you learn a couple of fairly simple combinations, after which the whole city will soon lie at your feet. Similar principles work in other areas of virtual life – for example, in the same career: as always, it is enough to understand the logic of functioning once and you can continue to sleep without any problems.

All the widely publicized new game mechanics between the relationships of virtual people in The Sims 4 slipped to the point that there were simply redesigned characteristics and more or less abilities. Although the game is in places quite interesting, for example, all “sims” have a mood that constantly influences the possibilities. That is, the same writer after a wonderful date can write just a wonderful novel, but a sad artist cannot depict anything worthwhile. But again, there is no such grandiose breakthrough (as everyone was assured).

Overall, The Sims 4 has taken a huge step back into the series. Even the third part was able to present the players with a gift, albeit not a big one, but it was grandiose – the cities were no longer divided into districts as in the past. Early in the morning, you could run through this town, after a hard day at work, you could calmly go for a walk in the local park or even go to have fun in bars or clubs, making new friends along the way. Yes, and in 2009 for Electronic Arts, this all became a big burden, because there were high requirements for computers, but the game really gave all fans of the series what they wanted. And so, in 2014, the game developers abandon this popular idea.

Yes, it didn’t seem to you. Now, again, a single city no longer exists. Now there are settlements, which in turn consist of two districts. Want to go to the library? Then click on the icon on your map. In the end, start admiring the loading on the screen. Keep in mind that even a banal walk in the park will not do without some workloads. After, the atmosphere of the game begins to gradually disappear into oblivion. The feeling that you were in a town where life is just boiling disappears instantly. It is very difficult to understand for what purpose such a sacrifice was made … graphics? So the new The Sims 4 looks no better than the previous part.

And the city itself in the new part is rather small. Do you want dozens of tasks, numerous building plots, or even try to play in another town? Forget it, it doesn’t exist anymore. The authors of The Sims series have always loved to cash in on games through additional content, but now it does look like they are “snickering”.

Due to the too ardent desire of the developers of the game to make it easier, the new part turned out to be completely sucks. If before that they tried to make a “life simulator”, now it looks more like a doll house, where you play the role of God and can do whatever you want. Now “sims” do not need to call a taxi in order to get to their work on time, from now on you just click on the desired icon and that’s it. Career, kids, family – it all began to look like a ridiculous game, painfully simple, too obvious and even too distant from reality. In the new part, the players have completely forgotten how to challenge – any of your goals will be achieved soon and without much difficulty.


Despite its reputation, The Sims attracted even serious gamers. After all, not every day is given the opportunity to live life by becoming some kind of celebrity or a great writer. Unfortunately, the new The Sims 4 is now devoid of this feature and it has turned into the life of “Barbie and Ken”, who, like other dolls, were thrown into the new house of a seven-year-old girl.

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