The Story of One Satanyuga – Enki Horror Quest Review

Many, probably, have already asked themselves the question: “What is Enki?” Personally, the name of the game reminded me of some fabulous forest creature that wanders around the neighborhood and entertains the kids in the neighborhood. In fact, everything turns out to be completely different. The Enki game is a mysterious and even mystical quest, where you, as the main character, will have to get out of the captivity of a mysterious maniac and unravel his most cherished secrets along the way. Dear friends, today the major gaming portal GameAwards presents you with an overview of the Enki game.

Game process

Having entered this game, which is still completely incomprehensible to me, at first it seems that the game is a survival horror, but this is a mistake. Yes, the main character was kidnapped by some mysterious scumbag and, judging by the neighbor, who has already dried up in his cell, one should not expect anything positive from the kidnapper.

And let, after getting out of your prison, you find yourself in the apartment of your kidnapper, where it always seems that the devil with his huge barrel is about to attack you and thrust it into your very tonsils. But this is just a “background” so to speak of what this game really is not. This background is made to make you think that they want to eat or kill you, which, in general, is the same, and the same.

Although it all did not start at all for me, as it should be in a horror quest. Climbing upstairs, I realized that my mysterious admirer had dumped, while loudly slamming the door. Naturally, the first thing I did was to try to get out of this paradise for homeless people and drug addicts. At some point, I took water and saw the inscription: “I will not touch you.” Of course, I am incredibly strong ah ** at this stage of the game, because I immediately turned to meet my death, but it turned out that no one was there.

Enki is the purest quest, and what happened to me is just paranoia. In the game, you have to constantly unravel and solve some riddles, look for and find out passwords, constantly rush with objects and constantly read a variety of pussies in order to find at least some piece of useful information.

The timer adds all the sharpness of the current position, which I sometimes just cursed. The fact is that this timer will inexorably count down the time that is allotted to it and it cannot be paused, even if you pause the game. So, in case of some misunderstanding, you will not be able to go to the Internet to look for a walkthrough and guides. Well, and you probably already understood how I found out.

Yes, and a little later I realized that the guides definitely cannot be found for one simple reason – in each new game, objects are hidden in a new place, so it’s impossible to quickly walk through familiar places. And this is very confusing and confusing, but in principle, this is correct, because you shouldn’t ** mindlessly go through.

And let the game be empty, for that is the atmosphere

The biggest plus of the game lies precisely in the atmosphere. Starting to play, you feel all the darkness, dampness and a frightened state of your hero. And this is given the fact that some dick with a knife and a trunk between the legs does not even run after you, as it was in Outlast. Of course, by saying this, I thereby ruined the whole game for you, but without it I can’t. I probably would be a real asshole if I didn’t say that no one would run after you and tear you apart too. We all perfectly understand that it is for this reason that such games are launched. So you can once again make sure that Enki is a horror quest, and not some kind of survival horror.

But let’s get back to the atmosphere of the game. The atmosphere is the only detail that the authors were able to bring to the desired level. For starters, it’s worth saying that the game is so dark on the PC, like a black man’s ass. At the same time, there is no brightness setting on the PC version. That’s okay, right? The whole game will be played in complete darkness, you will wander through all the rooms by touch, along the way trying to find something useful. And by the way, they won’t give you any flashlight. The author felt that you don’t need him and decided not to even waste time on him. They felt that the game didn’t need light at all. Contraindicated by doctors, bl *.

The kidnapper turns out to be not just some kind of maniac, but a complete, purebred, one hundred percent sadistic Satanist. Let’s just say that you are just a vegetable in his own kitchen for him, so here, as it should be, there will be blood everywhere, strange and a couple of really frightening notes, well, complete darkness.

Painting is also present: paintings with devils, saints, gods and even demons. Art is fine here, so don’t be picky. Our friend also did not do without satanic literature, so that the person is clearly well-read and intelligent. And even though there are no scrimmers here, the atmosphere of the game can still be chilling to the bone, in moments.

And now the end has come …

By the way, Enki is famous for its excellent graphics. But of course, there is nothing to consider normally, because the authors decided to deprive the players of light, so you will not be able to enjoy the grafon, dear grafodrochera. A terrible optimization adds to everything, just crooked, because my FPS constantly sagged throughout the game. The funny thing is, it even happened in the game menu. On the menu, do you understand? On the menu, fuck! It may not be some fierce action game like the recently released Mad Max, but how did it get in the way. But the graph is good, although it is very hard to see.

And I don’t know, fortunately or not, this is all, in general, and is limited. In addition to riddles that can be counted on the fingers and a couple of really scary moments, the game boasts literally nothing. There is nothing in the game, not even a worried maniac who would run after you. Generating items and puzzles is more like shuffling in cards, so this is a very primitive technique. The authors will brazenly deceive you every time, and with each new game, so you will not see something really new or well-forgotten old.

But what struck me more was that the game was simply unrealistically short. It is so short that a demo version of a game looks like a 100 hour walkthrough compared to it. I don’t even know whether to reveal the secret of the passage or not. Okay, your playthrough will take 25 minutes at best. And that is all. Fuck you, you completed the game. You will be counted the evidence found, the victims found. And, in general, that’s all. It makes no sense to return to the game, because she did not show anything sensible.

Of course, this is taking into account the fact that you quickly go through riddles, but they do not force you to strain too much. It seems to me that if the game were a little brighter, I would go through the game even faster, because I was like a mole like that. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, you will definitely succeed the second time. Frankly speaking, there is no random here, however, like most of the game. Here another question is brewing: is the game worth the money it asks for?


Enki isn’t even a game, it’s a demo of a game. The game simply demonstrates the capabilities of its engine and shows what the atmosphere should be, but no more. The books and notes that you will find as you progress will tell you a lot. Although the story and the game in general could have come out quite good, it’s very good. The story of a sick Satanist would interest many. But, alas, I don’t want to pay five bucks for some kind of apple core. Even the review took more time than the passage. And if we consider that the Cradle game has recently been released, then this underplay looks quite wretched.

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