Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 review – tactical battles in abandoned Washington DC

The sequel to the game The Division 2016 from Ubisoft has been expected by many. Fans wondered if the developers would change the usual mechanics and what new will appear in the second part. Over time, The Division 2 began to acquire numerous details, and fans began to be launched into testing the game. It became clear that the project had not changed much, and summer Washington became the replacement for snowy New York. Well, now the game is out and we have the opportunity to find out how things are in the American capital and what we need to do. The backpacks are collected, the weapons are removed from the safety lock, and we, as a member of the special squad, are heading to Washington to help the government.

Tom Clancy's the Division review review

The virus is no more, as well as the order

If someone is not particularly familiar with the series, then the events of the first part told us about a terrible virus that got out and served as the beginning of an epidemic and general chaos. To restore order, a special unit was formed, which is called a special squad. Representatives of this department should help the government restore order in the United States, which, after the epidemic, was mired in a civil war. If in the first part we managed to eliminate the virus, then in the sequel the action of which takes place six months after the events of the first game, we, as a member of the special squad, are heading to Washington. Our task in the American capital is extremely simple – to restore order. The fact is that the city is mired in a showdown between local groups that control almost every quarter in the city. We must retake the city and return it to the government.

From the very beginning, we are given to understand that we have a lot of work. Alone, having recaptured the base in the form of the White House, we are given a list of tasks and key points. If we talk about the plot of the game, The Division 2 is not trying to tell us some colorful story with interesting characters. Characters here simply issue tasks and they serve only to somehow explain this or that task. At the same time, the main character himself (which we create in detail at the beginning of the game) is simply silent and nods, acting as such a soulless robot who simply does what he was told. But these games are not valued for the plot, so you shouldn’t find fault with The Division 2 about this.

Tom Clancy's the Division review review

What can you do here?

And there is something to do here. From the very beginning, looking at the map, it becomes clear that each of the areas is controlled by a certain group. They are very different here and are driven by certain motives. The same gang of “Hyenas” just wants to rob and kill, “Outcasts” – those who survived the epidemic and felt all its horror on their own skin want to get even with all those responsible for their troubles, that is, with the government, and the “True Sons” who represent a cluster of former military men just want to seize power into their own hands and rule everything. To be honest, the variety of factions does not particularly affect the gameplay, because we will solve problems with them in about the same way.

And there is only one solution – it is physical elimination, and here we smoothly move on to shootouts in the game. The battles in the new The Division 2 are very well done and are based on the use of proper cover and thoughtful tactics. Unlike many other shooters, where you are allowed to cheerfully go ahead and shoot enemies, in The Division 2 this option is punishable by immediate death. To defeat an overwhelming number of enemies, you need to competently hide in shelters, firing from them in time and changing your position if necessary. It is these tactics that can bring you success in battle.

The game has a wide arsenal of weapons and gadgets. The player will be allowed to shoot from almost all modern types of weapons, from a double-barreled gun to high-precision sniper rifles. To make your skirmishes with enemies more effective, the best option would be to have two different types of weapons with you – for example, an assault rifle for close and medium range combat and a good sniper rifle for eliminating enemies from afar. As your level improves, you are given the opportunity to create new components for your weapons in the form of magazines, muzzles, scopes, etc. All of them improve certain characteristics of your weapon.

In addition to weapons in the game, it is very important to make good use of special gadgets. They are very different here and help you better choose your tactics for fighting. Always love to go forward and ahead – here are the shields, both large ones with which you can use only a pistol, and smaller ones with which you can also use machine guns. If you prefer to defend yourself, machine-gun turrets and drones are at your disposal to help you fight off opponents. In general, gadgets in the game are of great importance and, if used correctly, can make your task much easier.

Returning to the topic of what you will need to do in the game, we have an open world in the form of the city of Washington. The capital of the United States is divided into areas and each of them is filled with one or another mission. Somewhere you need to save a local settlement, somewhere to recapture a control point, and in some places to get rid of enemy propaganda or seize important resources. Completing tasks, you get experience points and money, and your base and some local settlements begin to improve more and more moving you towards the main goal – to liberate the city.

Tom Clancy's the Division review review

In between battles

In addition to performing various tasks that are tied to shootouts, the pumping system is well done in the game. With each completed mission, killing the enemy and other actions, the hero gains experience, his level grows, as does his weapon and equipment. This makes it possible to receive even more difficult tasks and move through the plot. Special attention is paid to the equipment in the game – it can be easily pumped and crafted, creating new, more perfect samples. You can also craft weapons in the game, but from personal experience I can say that it is much easier to find a newer machine gun or machine gun during the next mission than to collect blueprints and components in the form of various materials for a long time. By completing missions, you also get experience points for which you can improve your passive skills, such as the capacity of your backpack or the number of grenades you carry, and you can also upgrade existing gadgets in the form of shields or turrets. The pumping of equipment and bases, as well as crafting in the game, dilute the action with skirmishes well, which makes it possible to diversify the gameplay well.

Tom Clancy's the Division review review

Beauties of Washington

The Division 2 outbreak and civil war Washington DC looks great. The streets are full of abandoned cars and various carelessly standing fences, in buildings, be it a museum or a hotel, you can also feel the atmosphere that these premises have already been abandoned and are unlikely to be used as they were before. Such an environment not only creates an atmosphere of doom and devastation well, but also provides a wide range of tactical decisions during the next battles. At any location, you can hide somewhere, hide or use its features for a tactical advantage. In general, during the battles in the vast locations of The Division 2, you are unlikely to get bored, and this is very important for a good shooter.

Tom Clancy's the Division review review


The Division 2 is a good and interesting project, where two key mechanics in modern shooters – action and pumping – work perfectly. The first of them gives you the opportunity to well enjoy the battles and shootouts in the game, and the second allows you to take a good breath, improve your equipment so that the upcoming battles and missions are more interesting. The game has a rather banal plot and characters, but is this important for a good shooter?

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


You are unlikely to easily tear yourself away from the world of The Division 2. The open world of the game, great shootouts and pumping will captivate you for a long time.

The levels and locations in the game are made in a very detailed and interesting way. It is interesting to walk on them, it is interesting to explore them and it is interesting to fight in them.

The game has good sound and soundtrack, but you definitely shouldn’t expect any unique sound in the game.

Passing familiar missions with friends is not only much easier, but also more interesting. And an adventure in online modes and the same “Dark Zone”, where you can get the best equipment beyond praise. But for this it is best to have a good team of 4 people.

Single player campaign

The open world with tasks is very interesting and colorful, however, their abundance and sometimes monotony in the later stages of the game can get a little boring.

Despite the fact that the hero has a large number of equipment and weapons with gadgets in his arsenal, it is easy and simple to control all this, whether it be a keyboard with a mouse or a gamepad.

A good game in the world where you can stay for a long time. If you like tactical shooters and good leveling with crafting, then you can safely buy the game and liberate Washington.

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