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Anyone following Gearbox Software Studios? These guys have a clear talent for creating fun, driving and sometimes even stupid games (in a good way). The closest example is the Borderlands series. Of course, there were other games – more serious ones. However, they did not manage to “blind” anything sensible there. For example, a toy called Aliens: Colonial Marines, which never lived up to expectations.

The first videos on Battleborn said that you shouldn’t worry about the game, because the team of old Randy Pitchford comes off in full, combining many details in the new project: humor of the Borderlands series; brand new Overwatch mechanics; elements of a popular mob called Dota 2.

Absolutely any person who at least once came across a series of “Borda”, without any difficulty recognizes the familiar details. Although if you squint hard, then the game can clearly be confused with this series. After all, it is difficult to distinguish Battleborn visually: the game looks exactly the same sloppy, bright and what can I say, even if the font in the game is painfully familiar.

Familiar faces

Well, the events of Battleborn unfold in some distant galaxy, where several influential factions are fighting among themselves for the last habitable planet – “Solus”. A variety of beings from all corners of the Universe are involved in the confrontation.

In the ranks of the opposing factions, every now and then you meet very familiar faces. There is room for an infantryman who looks like old Axton. And there is a huge bogai named “Montana” – almost an exact copy of the maniac explosive “Mr. Torgue” from the second part of “Borda”. However, there are other signs, not only external ones: in the deadly and graceful movements of the character “Rath”, you can recognize the handsome “Zero”.

And the list goes on until you sort out all the Battleborn heroes. However, there is no connection in this regard with the Borderlands series here. History has been rebuilt, albeit with a bit of an eye on previous successes. The plot in the game is not as bad as many might imagine. Although it is stupid to scold people who say this. After all, whatever one may say – this is an action game with a bias in the mob. In fact, it turned out that in Battlebourne, not only the competitive component is interesting, but also the plot, albeit to a lesser extent.

For the passage of the Battleborn storyline, a kind of session co-op missions were created. Tasks, in turn, very much resemble the old woman Borderlands: you shoot futuristic creatures, break through the blockade, stand on the defensive. The only difference in this regard is things. Things don’t fall from enemies, so you won’t have to pick them up from the floor. Items are given immediately after the completion of the task. To deny the similarities between the Borda series and the Battlebourne game is silly. Here even the old “Zhelezyak” will be found with someone to replace it.

Fun pastime

During the passage, you will have to grab your stomach or cover your mouth from laughter more than once. The humor in Battleborn is great. This is one of those Borderlands details that fit perfectly with the new game. The heroes are presented as memorable, funny and bright. They constantly have some kind of conversation with each other. They can quarrel, and then, literally two minutes later, fraternize again. One gets the impression that these characters are like some actors who have been in more than one project and know their role, and what people want from them.

Although if we compare the level of disclosure of characters, Battlebourne is not even close to the same Overwatch, because there a series of story-driven short films reveals the heroes much better and better. And although in this game it is unlikely to reach the scale of Overwatch, the characters still eat into the memory.

By the way, any plot mission is accompanied by a small briefing, a lot of dialogues, and even Bosses. By the way, the Bosses are actually not so simple, sometimes you have to tinker with them. But more importantly in this entire storyline: missions shed “light” on the events that take place in the universe of this game. That is, the player is given to understand: why he is fighting; why you can’t win; with whom the war is going. All this can be learned during the passage of the story company. And if you are one of those who admire the plot video inserts, then you will definitely not stay “hungry” and you will be delighted with the plot.

The only drawback that concludes in the passage of the storyline is the limited number of lives. And the point is not at all a limitation, but in the fact that a certain amount is given for the whole team, and not for each fighter individually. So, in case you are unlucky enough, you come across some bad players who do not reveal secrets, do not break boxes, and simply do not even value the quickly passing lives, then the game ends pretty quickly. In addition, the free resurrection of a comrade is given 20 seconds.

Although the minus is controversial, because if you play with friends, then everything will be fine, such a system teaches only cohesion. However, if you play with random players, then the mechanics do not look very good.

Wild fights

It’s time to figure out the gameplay. If you do not delve into the topic, then Battleborn can be safely attributed to the genre of “FPS-action”, where you need to “shove” tons of damage into your opponent. More than two dozen heroes, each of which has its own unique skills and characteristics, stubbornly fight for points and control, or run and destroy minions.

Not everyone can achieve victory, therefore, a well-coordinated team game and the class skills of the hero worked out with brilliance are necessary for victory. Well, or more simply, you need to be able to play your chosen hero. Again, back to the comparison between the Borderlands series and Battleborn, because there is one important common detail that unites these games: each of the characters has a shield and health; there is a system for increasing the level, so with each new level it will be necessary to pump one of the two available skills. And of course there are numbers, many different numbers.

Something interesting happened with the modes, they can be safely divided into story modes and competitive network modes. I’ll start with the story modes. Story modes and company are interconnected. The only thing that looks the most interesting here is the “Hardcore” mode. So, in addition to the fact that the storyline can be played exclusively in the company of friends, you can also set the increased difficulty. In this mode, new trophies, exceptional bonus materials and incredibly difficult battles await you. However, everything is quite exciting.

As for the competitive network, there are three modes so far: the first is “Invasion”, the second is “Capture”, the third is “Remelting”. Invasion mode is about defense and destruction. Conditional important objects named “Guard Spiders” are presented. The bottom line is simple: the enemy needs to destroy your guards, and you – the enemy.

The Capture mode is already a classic. There is a team, there are points, there are “creeps”, there is a goal – to capture and hold points. Everything is extremely simple and convenient, but everything looks much crazier than before. Details of “Borda” again make themselves felt.

And the most intriguing one is the “Remelting” mode. The goal of the mode is to recycle as much scrap metal as possible. Each side will have a crowd of auxiliary units (they are also “creeps”), which over and over again will have to go to certain death, achieving the set goal, serving as auxiliary troops. From the same “creeps” you can get useful points.

In fact, the gameplay in Battleborn is so dynamic and colorful that due to the abundance of bright flashes and explosions, it is not always clear for a couple what exactly is happening on the battlefield. You still need to get used to this. And the gameplay looks dynamic, even despite the fact that the heroes on the map move a little faster than turtles. A huge number of different classes and skills makes themselves felt – the fights become incredibly intense and difficult. Of course, this cannot be a minus.

However, until now I have not mentioned a few important details: crystals, call for reinforcements, kill neutrals and lane support. It is difficult to complete all the tasks in the early stages of the game, but it is these details that help to gain an advantage if your forces are equal. In addition, some things look like a clear fresh breath of air for the FPS-mob genre.

In fact, it is the team play that moves the project forward. Without the same competent cover, most of the heroes will be useless. Frankly speaking, sometimes it is more comfortable to play together with friends or at least one friend. Battleborn is primarily a mob, and in this genre there are a bunch of fragmented heroes into classes and profiles. So it is quite expected to see how some of the heroes cannot cope with their duties without effective communication.

Classes are divided according to the classical system: someone heals, someone takes the whole blow on themselves, and someone deals as much damage as possible in a short time. However, then everything is divided according to the classics: someone else can defend neutrals, someone can deliver massive strikes, someone can easily besiege the base, and someone slows down the creeps. Those who deal most of the damage are divided into ranged and melee characters. There are other classes, like assassins and generalists, that suit many roles.

Out of battles

Most importantly, I still haven’t said: there are 25 characters in the game, but at the beginning only a limited number is given out. To open all the characters, you need to sit for a couple of evenings, because each of the heroes is issued during the passage of the storyline.

Each character of these 25 heroes has: a unique and inimitable appearance, a variety of attack options and three additional abilities. At the beginning of each game, the hero has to be pumped over again. As usual in the “mob” you start from the first level, and each new level gives you the opportunity to pump one skill of your choice.

And between tasks, new things will be revealed for the characters, new gestures and many other details. All of these things can be freely equipped. Some things can give an advantage, and some only decorate the hero.


The only thing I care about in Battleborn is balance. At the moment, this is the part that is in an increased risk zone. The task of making all the heroes in demand and so that none of them could establish total domination on the field is not easy. In addition, a game tied to a greater extent on PvP-battles in the genre of a mob means that the selection of random players will be too strongly reflected in the team play. Given that even the Blizzard devs can’t handle this, Gearbox Software could be in big trouble.

However, overall, Battleborn is a great game! Visually, the new project from the old studio looks much better than the Borderlands series. There are no soapy textures, no ugly models, but you shouldn’t expect modern graphics either. This is still the same colorful game in the style of “Borda”, which is condescending to the old “hardware” and at the same time pleases the players.

Reviewer verdict

Single player campaign

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