Wolfenstein The Old Blood Review

What could be better than smashing a dozen well-detailed German heads on a holiday weekend? What does it have to do with an ordinary iron pipe! It can only be surpassed by a cool machine gun and a company of fascists. In any case, Blaskowitz is back to drive his democracy to the Nazis. And you will have to help him with this!

Let us remind you right away that Wolfenstein The Old Blood is just an independently plotted addition to the original Wolfenstein The New Order. In the new game, you will be told about the events that took place before the events of the original game take place. All the same surroundings await you, very dynamic game mechanics, where there will be a pinch of stealth and a very familiar combat arsenal. Nevertheless, ManMachineGames tried their best to make the game as original as possible, which, however, they did.

Old blood

The plot of the game Wolfenstein The Old Blood revolves around documents that will have to help the allies find one important person, which in turn can turn the tide of the war. The game begins with a secret operation in which you and your partner make your way into the very heart of the Nazis – Wolfenstein Castle.

But as expected, soon everything just flies into the abyss, so you arm yourself with a piece of metal, grenades and other weapons, after which you move on to plan B – that is, you start killing and destroying everything that you just come across, after which you start looking for useful clues. In any case, this is the most common job for old Blaskowitz.

There are no noticeable changes in the gameplay either. Strictly speaking, this independent addition does not differ much from the original: you still have to “mow” a bunch of Germans in stylish armor, the same not too complicated system of hero development, which makes it possible to become much more deadly; the same Nazi muzzles of the Bosses; boat racing – in general, a standard set. Moreover, the graphics, along with the style, remained at about the same level as before, although it is worth saying that both the catacombs and the castle were drawn anew, so this is all very strange.

The game starts very calmly and even slowly. First, you will be forced to bury yourself completely in stealth, and at what they will be forced. But in the end, after a quiet movement, at some point you are given a pretty cannon and you can begin to freely take out the German troops. This is where you want to play Wolfenstein The Old Blood for. The game constantly starts to gain momentum further, at which it constantly keeps at the same pace until the very end, so this is undoubtedly one of the huge advantages of the game.

But you are not limited – that is, if you want, you can work as before – in stealth, or you can use your muscles and tumble ahead with your iron pipe. Since the stealth has been “repaired” a little, now you will not always be able to overwhelm someone. Now there will also be protected enemies, who will first need to remove their armor, and only after that they will only kill. In the event of an emergency, German officers can now call for reinforcements, which, on high difficulty of the game, can exhaust even more than any Bosses.

It is worth noting that there is enough room in the game, so the pair simply does not have enough room to turn around and strike from the rear. For example, they can easily throw grenades at you in some corner (this is interesting, because no one is going to smoke you – they just want to kill you like a rat). In general, the game makes you constantly move and this is undoubtedly a good thing.

Original advantages

The dynamics and staginess are also not far behind in Wolfenstein The Old Blood. Almost the whole game is a solid action game, where there is a very light raid of stealth: chases with a bunch of gunfights, all-round defense, sniper duels, boss battles, a ride on a huge loader and even a breakthrough through hordes of zombies that climb from all cracks. Considering that the game lasts about five hours, then you get a game with one continuous action. In any case, the players will definitely not be bored. You can even say that this independent addition turned out to be much more lively than the original.

Generally speaking: Wolfenstein The Old Blood is not too serious like the original, there are even very funny passages, although heartbreaking dramas are also present in the game, but you have to chew snot much less. It is also worth noting a few more old-school game levels that look like the first shooter.

Graphics, atmosphere – there are no problems at all. Graphics are one big sight for sore eyes. The picture remains the same saturated and very detailed, and it doesn’t even eat anything superfluous. The developers have drawn in great detail every detail of the game: a brick, a Christmas tree, flying heads and much more!

In addition, Wolfenstein The Old Blood very well again drowns players in a new alternative reality, which you don’t seem to believe in, but still has to, because everything is so realistic and believable.


A very enjoyable sequel to the original game. Of course, the story does not tell anything particularly new, and the fate of Blaskowitz remains the same mystery, but this is undoubtedly a worthy sequel. Wolfenstein The Old Blood focuses more on combat mechanics. And although there was only five hours of fun with the next batch of Nazis, it was fun of the highest standard.

As for the price, it certainly bites, if you also take into account the fact that it was collected from some blanks of the original game, and without even redrawing some textures, models and even locations, so everyone should decide whether to give almost a thousand rubles to plunge into Nazi shootouts.

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